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Smart City is one of Slovakia’s priorities for the new programming period

By 2030, Slovakia can become a truly modern country by using smart technologies to support towns and villages. The topic of Smart Cities was discussed at the conference of TREND weekly devoted to this area by the Director General of the Central Coordinating Body (CCB) section of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investment and Informatization (ODPMII) Denisa Žiláková. The theme of smart cities is one of the priorities of Slovakia in the preparation of the partnership agreement for the new programming period for 2021 – 2027.

“The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister is already pursuing several activities that support smart cities in Slovakia. This is despite the fact that Smart Cities is currently one of the priorities for the use of European Funds for the next programming period. The ministries responsible for managing individual operational programs have announced several calls for the development of smart self-government worth more than 350 million EUR,” explained Denisa Žiláková.

However, the topic of Smart Cities is not only a priority of Slovakia, but of the entire European Union. It covers four of the five objectives presented by the European Commission (EC) for the new programming period. For example, even 6% of its entire allocation should come from the European Regional Development Fund for sustainable urban development. However, the self-government will also be able to use funding from other objectives introduced by the EC.

The ODPMII operates the website, where applicants such as towns and municipalities as well as the public will find all the necessary information on the calls and the topic of smart cities. The website also summarizes the possibilities for funding Smart Cities activities not only from EU funds but also from other available sources.

“In the new programming period, we also want to make greater use of refundable forms of finance while further developing cooperation with the European Investment Bank, with which we signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in May. This joint agreement that will provide its know-how and experts, will enable us to exploit the significant investment potential that exists in Slovakia in the field of Smart City,” added the Director General of the CCB section Denisa Žiláková. According to her remarks, the joint memorandum will also help us to make effective use of European funds in the new programming period for the sustainable growth of cities and regions based on a low-carbon economy.