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Workshops in regional capitals will help applicants for benefits avoid mistakes

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization (ODPMII) is organising training workshops in seven Slovak regional capitals through a network of information and advisory centres (IPC). In those workshops, the ÚPVII experts wish to focus on consulting with mayors and lord-mayors of cities and municipalities that are applying for a non-refundable financial contribution (NFP) to the Wi-Fi for You Project to avoid shortcomings in applications they submit.

Wi-Fi for You, which aims to provide cities, and villages with free, wireless and high-quality internet access in selected public areas, has a maximum possible contribution of 15 000 EUR per project from the European Union funds.

“Our ambition is to streamline the application process itself and to eliminate shortcomings in the public procurement and payment application documents being submitted. It is important for us to reimburse successful applicants in the shortest possible time. However, it is also important to provide individual counselling that our experts will provide to those applicants who are still planning to participate in the call,” emphasized Deputy Prime Minister Richard Raši.

The working training seminar will start on 21 October in Zilina, continue on 23 October in Banska Bystrica, 28 October in Nitra, 5 November in Trnava, 13 November in Kosice, 14 November in Presov and 19 November in Trencin. All representatives of cities and municipalities registered in the database of the relevant self-governing region will be invited to the training sessions.

Candidates who are not registered and who are interested in attending the training may apply by phone or e-mail at the information-counselling centre of a respective regional capital. IPCs are available to potential applicants and beneficiaries for a minimum of 40 hours per week during which they provide consultations either in person or by telephone or e-mail. In the event of greater interest in training, participants registered earlier will be given preference.

As of 16 October 2019, 428 NFP applications were submitted to the Wi-Fi for You Project, of which 252 grant contracts were already concluded by the ÚPVII. Others will follow as application approval process for those is still pending. Regarding individual regions, most applications were submitted in the Nitra self-governing region, namely 132, followed by Zilina region (82) and Banska Bystrica region (69). The least number of applications (20) were submitted in the Kosice self-governing region.

“The fifth round of the call is already underway, which will be closed on 13 November 2019. Depending on the number of applications submitted for the NFP in the fifth round, the Office will consider opening a sixth one, as there is still sufficient allocation available for other applicants under the call,” added the Deputy Prime Minister.