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At the 6th meeting of the WADEX expert group, ÚPVII experts in the field of website accessibility have presented themselves as well

During the 6th meeting of the expert group on the European Parliament and Council (EU) Directive on accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector entities The Web Accessibility Directive Expert Group (WADEX), Slovakia was also represented by representatives of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Investment and Informatization. In the field of web accessibility we have become a role model for other countries.

Slovakia, as one of three member states, was given the opportunity to present its solutions and contributions to improving accessibility of websites and applications for disadvantaged groups of citizens.

The ODPMII experts on web accessibility and standards presented a methodology of in-depth and simplified testing of web site accessibility, which is based on more than ten years of experience in website monitoring in Slovakia while applying the latest standards and trends in accessibility.

“I am pleased that our contribution has given rise to a wide-ranging debate and interest from the European Commission and we will be happy to provide an English version of our methodological guidance. Indeed, any such common approach and sharing of experience will make it possible to better harmonize the testing and evaluation procedures of Member States,” says Monika Mušutová, Head of the Department of Governance and Standards of ÚPVII.

The unambiguous conclusion of the meeting is the path of education and awareness raising in the area of ​​increasing accessibility of web sites and not only their testing itself.

“It’s hard to believe, but up to 80% of new EU sites are still not fully accessible to disadvantaged users,” concludes Monika Mušutová.

European Commission appreciated Slovakia’s approach to the development of methodological guidelines. We have become a role model for other countries on how to address the issue of accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector entities.