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Deputy Prime Minister Raši: Government website “OverSi” saved citizens and businesses over 10 million EUR

“Every single step we took in the fight against bureaucracy was a step in the right direction. Removal of paper statements and the “once is enough” principle has already saved 10 million EUR for citizens and entrepreneurs and more than 600,000 paper receipts they did not have to bring to the authorities in person. We have other solutions and we are moving on,” said Deputy Prime Minister Richard Raši.

“OverSi” Government website connected more than 27 568 users during the year and a half of its operation. The authorities downloaded 675 055 extracts through this system and brought savings of EUR 10 303 686 to both citizens and businesses. Additional hundreds of thousands of certificates were downloaded by the authorities due to direct integration among the systems.

The largest interest is shown in the extract from the business and trade register. Through “OverSi” and “DCOM”, the authorities downloaded over 431 000 extracts during year and a half, saving 6.2 million EUR to the benefit of citizens and businesses. More than 204 771 citizens no longer had to go personally to the cadastre office of to request an extract from the real estate register or cadastre, saving 3.6 million EUR on stamp duty, travel and additional expenses. The third most used service is criminal record extract. As a result, 15 397 claimants no longer had to attend in person at the Public Prosecution Office or IOM (Integrated Service Point available at the Slovak Post). In this way, the state saved them 212 000 EUR.

At present, citizens and entrepreneurs are no longer required to submit to the authorities extract from the business and trade register, extract from the real estate register, or the criminal record extract. The lives of schoolchildren parents were made significantly easier by no longer having to submit paper confirmation of school attendance. The authorities are able to verify the status of every pupil/student directly at the “OverSi” website. Private entities can do so through website and provide students a discount on travel or a student account at a bank. The website was launched by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatisation in cooperation with the Ministry of Education three months ago and is connected directly to the RIS (departmental information system).

Last year, for the first time, statutory bodies of foundations, civic associations, non-investment funds or non-profit organisations of these organizations did not have to submit paper statements for the purpose of registration for the 2% tax contribution.

“Some of the most recent services of OverSi include receipts for health and social insurance arrears and arrears to the tax and customs authorities. They have been available since 1 December, 2019 and more than 3 000 of them were issued in a two month period. This means that more than 3 000 people were no longer required to bring paper receipts, but administrators were able to obtain them themselves electronically,”Deputy Prime Minister Raši added.

For the new parliament, we have prepared a complete document in the form of a second amendment to the Anti-bureaucracy Act that will abolish the documenting of eight additional official documents. It will be particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs. In public procurement, they will be no longer required to submit regular receipts they previously submitted as a standard.