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OverSi will provide authorities with the copy from the cadastral map from now

A new service was added to the OverSi portal initiated by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization (ODPMII). Starting in the mid-November, authorities can retrieve, from the anti-bureaucratic portal, along with the deed of title, extracts from the trade licence register and the commercial register, also the copy of the cadastral map.

The portal, which is intended for public administration authorities, has extended its services with the copy from the cadastral map.

“On the day of service launch on the OverSi portal, we granted access to around 6,000 users who are the most frequent users of copies from the cadastral map, such as Land Register and Forestry Department of the District Office and the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. We continuously receive requests from other authorities for granting aces to the cadastral map”, Deputy Prime Minister Richard Raši said.

Until now, authorities requested citizens and entrepreneurs to submit copies from the cadastral map in the event of inheritance procedure, demonstration of the ownership title to the land plot or real property, as well as for issuing permits for installation of gas facilities or for requests for a benefit to insulation of a family house.

Since its launch, the OverSi portal has been used by 19,251 officers who acquired more than 40,000 extract from it. While it is usually takes around half an hour to get such extract, the portal has saved tens of thousands of hours for citizens they would have otherwise spent at offices.

“Since 1 September, authorities requested for extracts worth more than 240 thousand euros over the OverSi portal, with the money saved in wallets of citizens and entrepreneurs”,  Richard Raši said. Citizens had to pay EUR 7.90 for the deed of title and EUR 4.5 for extracts from the trade licence register and the commercial register.

The OverSI portal was recently awarded by the expert jury at the international ITAPA 2018 conference, where it was awarded the Best Digitalisation of the Society Project ITAPA 2018.

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