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Innovation diplomats have launched their pilot missions abroad

First four Slovak innovation diplomats have flown to countries that are global leaders in research, development and innovations (RD&I). In China, it will be Tibor Buček, in Finland Miloš Koterec, the post in the United States of the America has been taken by Peter Šesták and Miloš Bikár will represent Slovakia in Israel.

The process of building innovation diplomacy that was approved by the Government of the Slovak Republic at the end of the last year, is run under auspices of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Informatization (ODPMII).

“The role of innovation diplomats will be to assist Slovak research institutions, universities and businesses in initiating cooperation with innovation facilities abroad as well as to support public-private partnerships”, Deputy Prime Minster Richard Raši confirmed. Missions will include, as their integral part, active presentation of our country as innovative and technology oriented developed country.

Diplomats have been sent to countries with headquarters of progressive multinational companies that also host hundreds of research and development facilities.

“From the geographical viewpoint, these countries provide best innovative ecosystems that are now successfully piloting certain approaches to developing cooperation in innovations”, Richard Raši stressed.

Innovation diplomats will thus have a unique opportunity to draw inspiration, support Slovak businesses in starting international cooperation but, above all, attract foreign investors to our country.

The main task of Slovak diplomatic mission is to increase the number of our successful participation in international grant schemes, help place Slovak products in foreign markets and thus enhance our competitiveness in the global dimension.

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