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R. Raši: We are sending more companies to Israel and the US to compete on global markets

Increasing the capacity utilisation of electric vehicles, improving customer service through smart devices remotely, and detecting objects with the use of artificial intelligence, or innovative application that offers the use of augmented reality to dynamise artwork. These are four of the six projects of Slovak start-ups supported by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Informatization (ODPMII) in the framework of calls for innovative ecosystem in Slovakia. Next week, six companies are flying to Tel Aviv, Israel, to complete a three-month Innovation Leaders Open Gate training acceleration program to improve their innovative solutions.

At the end of June last year, the ÚPVII published two two-stage calls to support innovation clusters and innovative companies totalling 830 000 EUR. Six Slovak start-ups focused on Industry 4.0 and Biotechnology, who will travel to the ILOG acceleration program in Israel, have succeeded. Two of them, engaged in information and communication technology and energy, will participate in the Smart City Works acceleration program in the US in late March.

“Technology experts in Israel will help our companies and start-ups to prepare a business plan and marketing strategy, but in particular they will review the innovativeness of their solutions. The advantage is that it is a country with the highest innovation performance, so it offers a rich network of contacts, experienced trainers, and know-how to create and develop business models. I am convinced that as a result, our companies will be able to succeed in foreign markets,” said Deputy Prime Minister Richard Raši.

The criteria for selecting the best innovative projects were expertly demanding business on the part of foreign accelerators. Domestic and foreign experts reviewed not only the quality of projects, but also the ability of company representatives to present and defend their project intentions.

Half of these successful companies were identified on the Slovak market by an innovative group Perry Talents. This business accelerator, which seeks out prospective start-ups in Slovakia, was supported by ODPMII as part of the first phase of the two-phase call last summer.

The PERRY TALENTS business accelerator received the Best Startup Accelerator in Slovakia award last year. All selected start-ups will undergo a several-month sophisticated program at PERRY TALENTS, which is built on four pillars – facilities in the centre of Bratislava free of charge, individual mentors and lecturers, monthly training, and final presentation to potential investors. Currently, it is opening the first year of its accelerator in the Czech Republic. “We took the call of Deputy Prime Minister Richard Raši as another excellent opportunity to help prospective start-ups gain invaluable experience in renowned accelerators abroad,” said PERRY TALENTS co-founder Andrej Krúpa. Start-ups selected by the Business Accelerator as part of the call underwent a special program at PERRY TALENTS. The ambition of the accelerator was to prepare them as best as possible so that they succeed before the selection committee and could make the most efficient use of their stay abroad. “I believe that this experience will propel them forward and they will return with much new knowledge and experience that they will use at home in Slovakia,” added A. Krúpa.

In the field of industry 4.0, five companies succeeded in the calls – MYMEDIA Ltd., Bratislava, FaceMedia SK, Ltd., Vranov nad Topľou, and AKUL STORY, Ltd. , Dolny Kubin, Tirn Technology, Ltd., Trnava, Spade Group, Ltd., Bratislava. In the field of biotechnology it was Healthclip, Ltd., Bratislava, the energy sector is represented by PowereX, j.s.a, Bratislava, and information and communication technologies by Starts, Ltd., Bratislava.

AKUL STORY, Ltd., a company specializing in the marketing and organization of art exhibitions, is flying to the Israeli accelerator to develop Augmented Reality application, which employs augmented reality in the arts and dynamising static works of art. “We are creating an open platform for artists. It is an Augmented Reality application and digital content creation service. The goal is to help artists succeed in marketing, product design, or to make art exhibitions more attractive by connecting with augmented reality,” said Martin Hebert, a representative of the company.

A technology company with expertise in vehicle development and electro mobility Tirn Technology, Ltd., caught the interest of Israeli experts with its Electroad project, which increases the capacity utilization of electric vehicles, eliminates range anxiety and offers comfort for their drivers. It is a software solution that is unique due to its high-precision range prediction, power consumption, and driving cost suitable for any electric vehicle.

PowereX, promoting energy efficiency, had convinced the international jury with their
Peer-to-peer energy sharing project, with which it departs for an acceleration stay in Virginia, USA. The goal is to connect all actors on the energy market into a new energy ecosystem that promotes energy efficient behaviour.

Production and technology company Spade Group, Ltd., Bratislava is flying to Tel Aviv with their winning HelpPoint project – a service based on interactive remote communication. Its  goal is to improve customer service by providing advice and resolving any problems through smart devices.

Since the ODPMII continues to be aware of large interest from Slovak start-ups, companies, and accelerators in this unique form of support, last week it announced another two two-phase calls totalling 830 000 EUR.

“It is extremely important to continue such solutions and measures on our part, because we have extraordinarily smart people in Slovakia with exceptional ideas,” added Richard Raši, Deputy Prime Minister at the end.

Applicants may apply in the first phase by 2 March 2020 and in the second phase by 30 June 2020. The call is published at: