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Richard Raši presented additional two-stage calls to support innovative projects

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization (ODPMII) is launching two additional unique calls that are supposed to stimulate the innovative ecosystem in Slovakia in two phases through financial assistance to Slovak accelerators, start-ups and small businesses.

“Our office continues to support young Slovak innovative companies using a unique hybrid financing model that combines investment from public and private sources. As our goal is to effectively support the creation of a start-up and innovation ecosystem in Slovakia, we are announcing two more two-stage calls totalling 830 000 EUR,” said Deputy Prime Minister Richard Raši.

The first phase of the call is intended for innovation clusters – incubators and accelerators, which will prepare training programs for Slovak innovative companies with a minimum duration of two weeks. Priority will be given to project management, business modelling, business development and financing, but also to communication and presentation skills aimed at the customer or business partner.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the key task of the accelerators is to prepare as well as possible those start-ups that will want to participate in the second phase, as they will be evaluated by international commission. “The selection criteria are challenging by foreign accelerators, and therefore, in the evaluation process, both domestic and foreign experts will evaluate not only the quality of projects, but also the ability of representatives to defend their project intentions,” Richard Raši pointed out.

In the second phase, the ODPMII will support eight specific companies with innovative solutions that will take part in top accelerators in the US and Israel to more easily bridge the early stages of business, gain know-how and foreign experience and find potential investors, thus opening the door to global the market.

Micro-enterprises or small enterprises, which have a legal form either as a natural person / entrepreneur with a place of business in Slovakia, or a legal entity, as well as with a business license in the SR, may apply. “Even those companies that do not attend the training program in domestic accelerators can participate in the second phase of the call,” added Deputy Prime Minister Raši.

The call based on which companies may travel to the US is intended for innovative social, ICT and energy projects. On the other hand, projects intended for the Israeli accelerator are from fields such as Industry 4.0, cyber s​Security and biotechnology. As R. Raši explained, two successful candidates are expected to participate in an acceleration program in the US Virginia worth 40 000 EUR and additional 20 000 EUR for overheads related to the stay and, with regard to Israel, six successful applicants will travel there, and each of them will undergo an acceleration program worth 90 000 EUR with 20 000 EUR for overheads related to the stay.

“We have already sent Slovak companies to accelerators in the US and Israel, which have used this opportunity and evolved from a local player to a global one. A successful example is SC CLIENT/SINO with a project to increase server cyber security, which, thanks to an Israeli accelerator, established cooperation with an Australian partner in the field of ecological solutions for the banking and education sector, or BEBE Transport, Ltd. that after having passed the accelerator will attend the international exhibition EXPO in Dubai where it will present its digital advertising project, ranked among the TOP 10,” added Raši.

The call is published at

and candidates may apply in the first phase by 2 March 2020 and in the second phase by 30 June 2020. If you have any questions, you can contact ODPMII via e-mail at