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The ODPMII has Launched Two Two-Phase Calls; They Will Support Innovative Clusters and Start-ups

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization (ODPMII) is launching other unique calls, which are supposed to stimulate the innovative ecosystem in Slovakia in two phases through financial aids to accelerators, incubators and start-ups.

“Our Office continues to support young Slovak innovative companies through its unique model of hybrid financing, which combines investment from the public and private sources. This time, in addition to the direct aids to SMEs, we also want to support innovative clusters, such as accelerators and incubators, which are looking for companies with innovative potential. In the first phase, we will support local innovation clusters, which will prepare training programs for the Slovak innovative companies with a minimum duration of two weeks. In the second phase, we will support eight specific companies with innovative solutions, and these companies will spend time in the known accelerators in the U.S. and Israel in order to find there potential investors and to have the door opened to the global market. Similar support for the innovative ecosystem from public sources is provided, for example, in Austria”, said Richard Raši, Deputy Prime Minister, adding that the two two-phase calls to support two innovation clusters (accelerators, incubators) and eight innovative companies total to €830,000. The first phase of the calls is open until 26 July of this year; the second phase will be completed on 27 September 2019.

The two-phase call, under which two start-ups undergo an intensive training in the U.S. accelerator, is determined for innovative projects from the social area, the information/communication technology, and the energy sector. The call for six companies to stay in the accelerator in Israel is announced for the Industry 4.0, Cyber ​​Security and Biotechnology projects.

“We have already sent Slovak companies to accelerators in the U.S. and Israel which, based on that chance, have evolved from local to global players. A good example is Damalis, a company that has succeeded in the call of our Office to digitize the public administration of the city, with the solution of “Cviker”, the augmented reality. After completing their stay in the accelerator in Virginia, the door was opened to its founders to the American market, where they cooperate with telecommunications operators, such as T-Mobile US or Comcast,” said Raši.

Last week, six other companies that succeeded in the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office’s calls, have officially completed the two-month Innovation Leaders Open Gate programme in Tel Aviv, Israel. During the final event called “Demo Day”, the companies were given the opportunity to introduce their innovative solutions to a jury of experts, investors and media representatives.

Calls are available HERE.

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