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We Introduced Quality Slovak Products to Chinese Entrepreneurs in Ningbo, China

Quality Slovak products could soon find their way to the world’s largest market, the Chinese market. Richard Raši, Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investment and Informatisation, inaugurated the Slovak presentation at the China CEEC-Investment & Trade EXPO. Together with Lithuania, Slovakia is a partner country of the whole fair.

“We, together with representatives of 26 Slovak companies, are here to present to Chinese entrepreneurs and companies the quality Slovak products, which I believe will soon be put on the world’s largest market,” said Richard Raši, Deputy Prime Minister.

There are several Slovak companies producing dairy and cheese products at the fair. A few weeks ago, Slovakia and China signed the Protocol on the export of milk and dairy products from Slovakia to China at the 17+1 Summit in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The Slovak food industry is also represented at the fair by companies producing wine, spirits, and jams.

“Slovakia is not only a country of excellent food, but also a country of smart and imaginative people. That is why business and technology innovations that have been developed in Slovakia, as well as companies specializing in trading between our countries, are also presented here,” explained Deputy Prime Minister. As he added, Slovakia, although having only just over 5 million inhabitants, is a country that can attract attention and is worth visiting.

Immediately on the first day of the fair, two Slovak companies signed a contract worth more than €120 mil. In Hebei Province, the Chinese companies will build a training center for pilots and the on-board civilian airline staff, and Slovak firms will supply them with aircraft simulators, as well as methodology, training procedures and other knowhow in this highly specialized field.

The Deputy Prime Minister also opened the 5th China CEEC Investment Cooperation Meeting, the main objective of which was to talk about cooperation in the areas of investment, trade, culture, education, or tourism. All of these areas, in which cooperation is possible, offer many opportunities not only to Slovak producers and service providers, but also to potential Chinese investors and customers. “I, as Deputy Prime Minister, am responsible in Slovakia for innovation and we support investment. I can say responsibly that our excellent strategic location, the Euro, constant economic growth, economic and political stability, as well as the workforce are among the factors that may be important for incoming investors,” Richard Raši explained. In the 21st century, however, we need to focus primarily on innovation, and that is why we, in Slovakia, pay close attention to all new trends and technologies that shape the future.

We support various science, technology, and innovation initiatives that are mutually beneficial and help to develop. That is why we want to organize the 5th Ministerial China-CEEC Innovation Conference in Slovakia in 2020. In the area of innovation, in the 17+1 format, we are the host country of the Virtual China-CEEC Technology Transfer Centre, which will improve further cooperation. It aims to improve the link between science, technology, and innovation.

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