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The Monitoring and Evaluation Department

In terms of organization, the Monitoring and Evaluation Department consists of the Monitoring Unit, Strategic Monitoring Unit, and Evaluation Unit. The Department is headed by the Department Director; the Units are headed by Unit Heads.

In particular, the Monitoring and Evaluation Department shall:

  1. Fulfill the tasks of the Central Coordination Body (CCB) in the area of monitoring and evaluation of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF);
  2. Coordinate and guide the Managing Authorities (MA) for operational programs (OP) in terms of methodology in the area of monitoring and evaluation when implementing the ESIF at the OP level;
  3. Monitor and evaluate the state of the ESIF support implementation;
  4. Monitor and evaluate the state of the 2007 to 2013 programming period support completion;
  5. Identify, monitor, and analyze the risks related to the ESIF support implementation;
  6. Monitor the observance of criteria for the execution of the MA and CA (Certifying Authority) powers;
  7. Ensure the elaboration of evaluations within ESIF in the 2014 to 2020 programming period;
  8. Ensure the substantial preparation and draft projects related to the scope of responsibilities of the Department in the area of the fulfillment of the Technical Assistance beneficiar´s functionality; approve their outputs in terms of powers relevance; and cooperate to assist in elaborating applications for provision of a non-refundable financial contribution, payment requests, and monitoring reports related to the implementation of projects.

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