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Central Public Administration Portal

The Central Public Administration Portal (, administered by the Slovak Government Ministry and operated by the National Agency for Network and Electronic Services (NASES), provides a central and unified access to information resources and services of the public administration. all future activities of Central Public Administration Portal are based in the entry point, which arranges users’ authentication, login, and data reception, and creates transaction that is passed to the particular service provider to finish the transaction process. The most important tasks of the Portal include directing the interested party to use a particular eGovernment service, and providing navigation through a life event, as well as useful tips and tricks. The Portal currently offers eGovernment services in the area of running a business, citizenship, justice, registering vehicles, social security, and more.

The Portal provides:

  • Common registry, authentication, authorisation feature, and user support feature;
  • Managing of information flow, electronic filing, and electronic fee payments.
  • Central Government Portal is, from citizen’s point of view:
    • A uniform entry point to the public administration affairs;
    • A place to find all the actual information and services first-hand;
      Central Government Portal is, from public authority’s point of view:
    • The interface for communication with citizens;
    • The interface for meeting up of information and public authorities’ information systems;
    • Common communication infrastructure.

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